The 1 Thing a Business Leader Must Do to Succeed

This is a response to Dave Kerpen’s The 1 Thing a Business Leader Must Do to Succeed.

Dave Kerpen,┬áCEO of Likeable Local, went and asked ten business leaders from the Young Entrepreneur Council what the felt was the one thing a business leader must do to succeed. Kerpen’s answer was focus. I thought I’d take moment to answer the question myself.

What’s the one thing a business leader must do to succeed?

Maintain Integrity

Following the financial crisis of 2008/2009, we found ourselves in a situation in which consumers felt like they had been betrayed by corporate greed. The focus was on corrupt business practices. You take a look at the housing crisis and we found that mortgages on a grand scale had been given to consumers who couldn’t afford these houses. So what is integrity? Integrity is synonymous with moral uprightness. Integrity entails staying true to ones moral principles, beliefs, and standards. For me, this is the key to success because often leaders find themselves taking short-cuts as the energy builds and growth occurs. I think that the leaders with strong integrity who maintain this throughout the life of their business are the ones who succeed. Apple Inc. is one of the most prominent examples of a company that has been successful because of a leader who not only had great integrity, but managed to pass this on to the company culture at Apple. The late Steve Jobs, former CEO of Apple Inc., famously said once, “We don’t make junk.” Over the years, Apple has often been criticized for not offering lower-priced products; nonetheless, Apple has stuck to its values and in so doing has become the incredibly successful company that it is. The 1 thing a business leader must do to succeed is maintain his/her integrity. – Raymond Guzman, Writer