Credit Karma is a Great Service

Credit Karma is a service that I first learned about through its TV commercial. After doing some research and reviews, I decided to take the plunge and give it a try. I have to say that it’s a great service that is legitimate and above all else, free. Credit Karma’s business model is centered around advertisements which allows anyone the ability to join and review their up-to-date credit score at any time. I had been a long time user of Experian, which is another great service, albiet a pay for service. In all honesty, Credit Karma doesn’t supply you with the granularity you’d find from a pay for service like Experian, but it comes with a great, simple to use interface with a great price tag. It comes with a number of great features, such as the credit report card, which give you a break down of all of the factors that go into your credit score, as well as what you can do to improve each particular area. It also comes with a credit score simulator which allows you to see what your credit score will look like if you were to make a change in any area of your report card. With great advice and a simple user interface, Credit Karma is a must try for anyone who is looking for a free way to check their credit score more than just once a year. Check it out at Credit Karma.


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